Der Bogen im Auge

Johannes Herrmann
Empty, 2021, Acryl auf
Baumwolle, 160 x190 cm

with Luca Calaras, Sophie Esslinger, Mirjam Falkensteiner, Piet Fischer, Luca Florian, Filip Gudović, Johannes Herrmann, Minju Kang, Björn Knapp, Hidetoshi Mitsuzaki, Luc Palmer, Katharina Stadler, Andreas Steinbrecher, Denise Werth and Julian Westermann
and as guest: Thomas Scheibitz

The artists of the Scheibitz class deal with visual questions surrounding painting and sculpture in a broad sense. In their work, regulatory systems such as language, irony and chance are brought up for discussion in an experimental way. The exhibition presents a selection of works curated by Thomas Scheibitz.

As part of the Baker Tilly artist grant

Johannes Herrmann, Empty, 2021, Acrylic on cotton, 160 x190 cm
Sophie Esslinger, ganz leise kommt die nacht, 2021, Ink and Acrylic on cotton, 470 x 420 cm