Down The Rabbit Hole

With Offert Albers, Philipp Baumann, Yukie Laurentia Beheim, Janine Böckelmann, Philippe Derlien, Sven Dirkmann, Viktoria Feierabend, Magda Frauenberg, Alexander Gdanietz, Christoph Görke, Sonja Heim, Konstantin Holle, Franka Hörnschemeyer, Jella Jess, Konstitutiv der Möglichkeiten, Aljoscha Lahner & Dennis Buckland, Ye Li & Antonia Hermes, Pia Litzenberger, Philipp Naujoks, Swinda Oelke, Karoline Schultz, Anna Shpak, Pauline Simon, Linda Skellington, Sophie Isabel Urban, Emil Walde and Flora Weber

In the group exhibition Down The Rabbit Hole, the involved artists work across media, asking questions about the building of relationships in and with space. The students, graduates and artist collectives of the Franka Hörnschemeyer class explore and connect the spatial conditions of KIT with their individual works. The exhibition pursues the movement of descending, of engrossing with the inherent danger of losing oneself or the chance to discover the unexpected. On one hand, Down The Rabbit Hole refers to digital network structures that involuntarily tempt us to sink deeper and deeper through (hyper-)links. In doing so, unexpected paths are discovered and new connections are created. On the other hand, the quotation is reminiscent of Lewis Caroll’s tale of Alice in Wonderland, in which any logical structure – from body dimensions to the meaning of language to temporality – which keeps people grounded is distorted.

Karoline Schultz, OppositeDifferent_DifferentOpposite, 2022
Swinda Oelke, converging parallels, 2022
Photo Ivo Faber

Emil Walde was supported by

Magda Frauenberg, Vertigo, 2022
Sophie Urban, Installationsansicht, 2022
Photo Ivo Faber
Konstitutiv der Möglichkeiten, Matchbox Moments, 2022
Photo Ivo Faber
Pia Litzenberger, Automat gewährt Wünsche, 2022
Photo Ivo Faber