Follow the Thread

With Viki Berg, Erik Mikaia, Hyun-Jin Kim, and Sofia Magdits

The exhibition Follow the Thread brings together four international artists, each engaging with the material and ornamental dimensions of textiles in their own unique way. The starting point for all four artists is the integration of various working methods with textiles in contemporary art. Their focus is on the material composition and design language of the works, which are inspired by nature, culture, and tradition. On display will be tufted carpets, canvases embroidered with yarn, collectively woven tapestries, and chemically treated fabrics, some of which are specifically designed for the unique tunnel architecture of KIT. As an everyday and familiar medium, textiles can convey the local ideas, stories, and traditions of the artists in a global context. The exhibition will explore the journeys and connections enabled by the textile network at KIT.

The exhibition is curated by Jessica Gilles.

Supported by

Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Kunst- und Kulturstiftung

Permanent partner

Stiftung der Sparda-Bank West

Part of the Baker Tilly Artist Scholarship

Viki Berg, Monster Garden, 2024
Maße variabel
Getuftetes Acrylgarn, Spiegelkuppel
Foto: Ivo Faber
Hyunjin Kim, Soothing Life, 2024
200 x 190 cm
Acrylgarn auf Leinwand, Staffelei
Foto: Ivo Faber
Erik Mikaia, Ohne Titel, 2024
Jeweils 1300 x 500 cm
Baumwolle, Bleiche, LED-Licht
Foto: Ivo Faber
Sofía Magdits Espinoza, Cielo V, 2024
200 x 200 cm
Holzwebrahmen, Wollmischung

Sofía Magdits Espinoza, Cielo II, 2023
200 x 200 cm
Handgewebte Wollmischung, Metallstange
Sofía Magdits Espinoza, Cielo III, 2023
200 x 180 cm
Handgewebte Wollmischung, Metallstange
Foto: Ivo Faber