Happy House or Minor Repairs to the World

Raumeinsicht mit Stehlampe, Stuhl, einer Raumdecke aus Stoff und einem regal mit Miniaturhäusern.

Nationality is no longer a matter of location. A person can reside anywhere, and in the art world, too, living and working conditions have become mobile. How do young artists interpret concepts like “home” and “at home” in the globalisation age? How do they treat identity shift and value change in their art? A thematic exhibition with graduates of the Düsseldorf Academy of the Arts and guests.

Jakub Nepras, Trip, 2009 (Filmstill), Video, 3:05 Min., Courtesy VERNON GALERIE, Prag
Adriane Wachholz, Happy House, 2009, Zeichnungen auf Pergamentpapier und Scheinwerfer, Fassade KIT, Foto: Ivo Faber
Franka Kaßner, Was bleibt!, 2008, Verschiedene Materialien, 595 x 340 x 220 cm, Courtesy Galerie Christine Mayer