Hotel Cerberus

Figur steht in der Mitte des Raumes und hebt den Rock ihres Kleides. Goldene Flüssigkeit fließt von der Decke herab.

The Statecapital Düsseldorf and the Kunsthalle Düseldorf own a new exhibition-location: KIT-Kunst im Tunnel. It developed out of the former tunnel-leftover underneath the Rheinuferpromenade and will be opened during this years`s walkabout of the art academy with the exhibition “Hotel Kerbeos”. Works of seven painters, 6 sculpturers and of one photographer will be shown from 10.02 until 22.04.2007. All artists graduated from the art academy in Düsseldorf in recent years. The title of the exhibition refers to the three-headed hell-hound guarding the entrance of the lower world of the greek mythology.

The invitation into the“Hotel Kerbers” occurs in terms of the understanding of artworks as a phenomenon free from contexts. Therefore all 14 artists created pictures which are ascertainable through simple percipience but can also be experienced through pictures of art history, of religion, mythology and everyday life.

After the descent into the 850qm “Hotel Kerberos”, the visitor stands underneath a 6 meter high overhead light in front of the figure of a golden girl created by Luka Fineisen (born in 1974). Behind the girl, as a border between the exhibition room and the narrow tunnel-ending, Andreas Fischer (born in 1972) built his “Hotel Kerberos”: The 8 meter wide, headhigh rolling gate at the most narrow part of the room, named the exhibition.
But firstly a corridor leads towards the middle of the exhibition room which Dimitri Dihovichnij (born in 1973) turned into a theatrical-georgious Entré with his 24 bronze candelabra-sculptures. The laconic-expressive phantasy-painitings of Miriam Wania (born in 1977) associate with them. In the middle of the room Richard Hölters (born in 1974) presents a pre-scientific collection of wonders on an exhibition table. Stefanie von Schroeter (born in 1971) shows abstract-expressionistic painitings which were painted with oil colors, oil pencils and acrylic on canvas and Arno Bojak (born in 1974) painted a screaming blue “atlantic”-triptychon.

In Sook Kim, Die Auktion, 2007, Analoge Fotografie, Plexiglas, Holz, 230x 380 cm, Foto: In Sook Kim/KIT
Luka Fineisen, o.T., 2007
Benjamin Houlihan, o.T. 2006/2007, Polyester, Glasfaser, Lack, 204,5 x 117 x 326 cm, Foto: KIT/Yun Lee