I’ve Got You

With Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewksi, Antonia Rodrian

The exhibition ” I’ve Got You” features large-format paintings by Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski and Antonia Rodrian, who explore the boundaries between observation and fiction, abstraction and figuration.

Antonia Freisburger’s paintings spring from the realm of the pure unknown, the notion of alternate spheres, otherworldly materials and intangible universes. Her paintings offer no hint of dimensions. Peering into her colour gradients, one’s gaze can lose itself in a vast, unknown universe. On the other hand, Antonia Freisburger’s forms might be alluding to the opposite direction of the spectrum: the observation of the tiniest possible forms of extraterrestrial life.

The heart of Pia Krajewski’s paintings seems to be grounded in terrestrial realms. They reveal details of surfaces and objects, although it remains unclear whether these are created by humans or drawn from nature. Pia Krajewski’s paintings follow a constructivist logic, as though they had a distinct model, a form that Krajewski might have found while walking through a forest or looking at the details of a wrinkled shirt. On closer inspection, however, her objects emerge from a confluence of both observation and imagination.

Antonia Rodrian’s pictures depict tangible everyday objects and actions. Groups of things or tools which are in the process of being modified become part of a fiction in which they are transformed into a mere idea of what they originally were. The shadows of these objects adhere to compositional decisions and the items dissolve in a collective, communal act; stripped of their contexts through repetition and formal structures.

Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski and Antonia Rodrian studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. They live and work in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

In 2017, they founded the exhibition space sonneundsolche together and have been curating exhibitions with national and international artists there until the present day.

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Installationsansicht „I’ve Got You“, Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski, Antonia Rodrian, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel 2023
Antonia Rodrian, Antonia Freisburger und Pia Krajewski (v.l.n.r.) im KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, 2023
Installationsansicht „I’ve Got You“, Antonia Freisburger, Pia Krajewski, Antonia Rodrian, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel 2023