off the beaten rack

with Lisa Biedlingmaier, Paloma Proudfoot, Isa Schieche, Camilla Steinum and Theresa Weber

Paloma Proudfoot, ‘The sigh, relaxing’, Courtesy of Soy Capitán Gallery and the Artist. Foto: Roman Maerz.

The exhibition shows sculptures and objects which explore the possibilities of extending and
imitating the human body, for example by means of prostheses, instruments or tools. The artists
deal with social questions about the corporeality of belonging, memory, (sub-)consciousness
and death. The show invites visitors to perceive and activate their own bodies in relation to the
artworks and the space by moving through labyrinthine installations or gates and openings in
individual works. Rituals of wrapping and expanding the body are thus made physically tangible.

Lisa Biedlingmaier, mem-on being light and liquid, 2021, Plexiglass, Moving Lights, 6-Kanal-Sound-Installation, Installationsansicht, Kunsthalle Winterthur. Foto: Lisa Biedlingmaier.  

The show is curated by Nantje Wilke.

Funded by

As part of the Baker Tilly artist grant