An der Wand hängt ein Gemälde aus Kohle und Acryl auf Leinwand. Verschiedene Sockel und ein Tisch stehen im Raum, im Hintergrund sind weitere Gemälde und Skulpturen zu erkennen.

With Matthias Lars Anders, Matthias Danberg, Kirill Ivlev, Peter Karpinski, Jörg Michael Kratz, Henrik Löpmeier, Eva Sofie Lonken, Fallon-Delphine Marschhäußer, Isabel Schober, Michelle Tophinke, Yasin Wörheide, Marvin Wunderlich

„But who stands there apart? In the thicket, lost is his path.”1

If then albeit the present is to be gauged, why not apply the most ancient, utmost gargantuan, mythical scale. Eternal glory. Infinity.

What however if the course, not only owing to young age, seems to be infinite, what if the course vanishes and detours lead astray?

Then is it not perhaps just there, in the seemingly lower spheres, that the unexpected ,the extraordinary and perhaps even the great is to be found.

Installation View KIT, Photo: Ivo Faber

„…over the thousand springs close by the thirsty one in the desert.“2

Some of these very experiences, being hereby announced, can perhaps be observed in this enactment by scholars from a not short period of time in the atelier class of a professor for painting
at the Art Academy in Muenster.
As also most certainly can those who follow the path ascending higher and highest with ever
unwavering confidence.
From Olympus to the lower realm.

Olympus is an exhibition about the way towards art. Twelve paths from sixteen years van Ofen class.

Isabel Schober, 2019, glazed ceramics, Photo: Ivo Faber

1 Johannes Brahms, Alt-Rhapsodie after texts of Goethe, Johann Wolfgang, Harzreise im Winter.
2 ibid.