Secondary Structures

Christine Rusche, Off Soundings, 2007, Dispersion auf Wand, 350 x 3200 cm, Foto : © Philip Dorl

A KONSORTIUM exhibition with guests at KIT

The title Secondary Structures alludes to the historical exhibition Primary Structures held in the Jewish Museum in New York in 1966. It was there that the sculptors — whose work would later be described as Minimal Art — first exhibited their art. Artists such as Robert Morris and Donald Judd actively engaged with the reciprocal relationship between viewer and artwork in altogether new ways: before the works were produced, reduced as they were to geometric basic forms and few colours, they were thought out conceptually and meticulously planned by the Minimalists. Space, light, movement of the viewer within the space and sculpture were all brought into play.

Secondary Structures will be curated by KONSORTIUM in conjunction with KIT as a homage to and a commentary on exemplary American figures in art from the 1960s. The exhibition will run in parallel to the large Palermo solo exhibition in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and in the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen. Palermo and his artist colleagues Imi Giese and Imi Knoebel are considered to be important references for KONSORTIUM and furthermore link up with the Düsseldorf art scene, with which most of the 14 young artists, who will be exhibiting works on walls and floors from 27 October in KIT, have associations. They draw on Minimalism, Op Art and Pop Art among other things, as well as the language of graphic design and architecture. In addition, selected artists from KONSORTIUM from France, Holland and Switzerland will take part in the exhibition.

Artists in the Exhibition: Luc Aubort, Francis Baudevin, Lars Breuer, Philippe Decrauzat, Markus Ebner, Angela Fette, Sebastian Freytag, Guido Münch, Jan Kämmerling, Jörg Nittenwilm, Didier Rittener, Christine Rusche, Mirko Tschauner, Karsten Weber

KONSORTIUM was founded in 2004 as an affiliation comprising the artists Lars Breuer, Sebastian Freytag, Jan Kämmerling and Guido Münch to form a project space of the same name at 65 Ackerstraße in Düsseldorf. Since then KONSORTIUM has organised a total of 70 exhibitions there and in several other curatorial projects with artists from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, France Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Australia and the USA. The conscious engagement with exemplary artists provides a substantial impetus for KONSORTIUM’S artistic positions. Autopilot, Düsseldorf 2005, exhibition space Glue, Berlin 2005 and 2007, Whiteout, Stadtraum Düsseldorf, 2007 to name but two, are some of the previous group exhibitions.


Lars Breuer, Ohne Titel, 2007, Lack auf Folie auf Aluminium, 200 x 200 cm, Foto : © Philip Dorl
Christine Rusche, Off Soundings, 2007, Dispersion auf Wand, 350 x 3200 cm, Foto : © Philip Dorl
Luc Aubort, Soft Canvas, 2007, Acryl auf Leinwand, 210 x 750 cm, Foto : © Philip Dorl