Sugar. Works from the class of Professor Katharina Fritsch

mehrere unterschiedliche Skulpturen im Ausstellungsraum, die Wände sind weiß gestrichen

Installationsansicht SUGAR, Marius Wübbeling, Anna Lena Anton, Annika Burbank, 2013, Foto: Ivo Faber

with Anna Lena Anton, Annika Burbank, Benjamin Greber, Masakazu Kondo, Mercedes Neuss, Tobias Przybilla, Kristian Schäferling, Franz Schmidt, Thorsten Schoth, Anna Szermanski, Alexander Toporka, Kristin Wenzel and Marius Wübbeling

A blue cock is currently dominating Trafalgar Square in London. The work has been created for the fourth plinth by sculptor Katharina Fritsch, who, alongside her international exhibitions, also teaches at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. The professor has selected thirteen works from her class and collated them in the exhibition “Sugar” at Kunst im Tunnel (KIT). The exhibition mainly comprises sculptural works and wall installations. All thirteen works demonstrate the power of the image and the significance of art history for Katharina Fritsch’s master class students. But for viewers this latter aspect is of secondary importance, since the exhibited works immediately spark associations in everyone that beholds them, regardless of their familiarity with the history of art. Viewers are assailed by all kinds of phenomena, their memories of certain events and sights are awakened, and, at the same time, they are struck by the care and precision of the works’ execution. The power of effortlessness, the courage to tell a story, the mastery of the formal all inspire these works. They are sculptural, can be viewed from all sides and are almost within our grasp.

Installation view SUGAR, Benjamin Greber, Franz Schmidt, Kristin Wenzel, 2013, Photo: Ivo Faber
Installation view SUGAR, Tobias Przybilla, Thorsten Schoth, Mercedes Neuss, 2013, Photo: Ivo Faber
Installation view SUGAR, Thorsten Schoth, Kristian Schäferling, Kristin Wenzel, 2013, Photo: Ivo Faber