Summit Meeting. Young Sculpture from Switzerland and Germany

Wände, bemalt mit Würfeln, Dreiecken und geometrischen Mustern in Orange, braun, Rot, Gelb, Schwarz und Weiß sind in der Mitte des Raums platziert.

The exhibition SUMMIT MEETING at the KIT – Kunst im Tunnel presents young graduates from the universities and schools of art in Bern, Lausanne, Zurich, Düsseldorf, and Glasgow to sound out commonalities and differences in their approaches to sculpture.

All the artists belong to the same generation. Common to them all is their concern with the medium of sculpture. It lives on surface, material, proportion, and colour – and on the virtuality with which the artists have grown up. The works created for this exhibition are inspired by childhood memories, the human body, nature, and social themes. Moreover, they all address the unusual architecture of the exhibition space.

Participating artists: Athene Galiciadis, Andreas Golinski, Heike Kabisch, David Renggli, Felicitas Rohden, Ana Roldán, Jeanette Schnüttgen.

Heike Kabisch, Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright, 2008, Gips, Steine, Spiegel, Neon, Farbe, 350 x 300 x 240 cm
Athene Galiciadis, The other Mother, 2009, Holz, Farbe, Paravant, bestehend aus 9 Elementen, Höhe 2 m x 3,81m, 2 m x 3,17m, 2 m x 3,47m, 2 m x 3,70 m, 2 m x 3,29 m, 2 m x 3,98m, 2 m x 2,09m, 2 m x 2,28m, 2 m x 1,20m, Foto: Patrick Zier
Felicitas Rhoden, Remote Remnant, 2009, Installationsansicht KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, Foto: Ivo Faber